A Sacred Women's Journey to the Flinders Ranges
                          Outback Australia            
                        October 21-31, 2018

Do you feel the call of the ancient wisdom keepers, the Dragons?   The energy of these sacred beings still move through this powerful land, calling you to track your own inner journey to the ancient wisdom keeper within you.

Join spiritual retreat leaders ane Elworthy and Jacqui Bushell on a star filled, deep and dusty immersion into light code activations, excursions to places of immense beauty, and quiet personal journey work through communion with sacred earth.  Experience the powerful magic of Australia’s major electromagnetic vortex point, the northern Flinders Ranges. 

There is a limit of 10 women only on this once in a lifetime experience.

flinders-panoramic-sa-mediaImage courtesy of the South Australia Media Gallery 

Join Jacqui and Jane on this special journey into the heartland of this rugged and magnificent land.  Surrounded by ancient mountain ranges, granite peaks and spectacular gorges, the southern and northern Flinders are unique not only for their amazing geology, but also their energetic presence.

The northern Flinders in particular is a key vortex point, linking energetic ley lines and energy codes. 

It has been a calling for a number of years for us to offer this special journey to a group.  We now feel we have a deeper knowledge of the area and permission from the earth spirits here to bring a small group of Beloveds, women who are self directing with an ongoing spiritual practice and a kinship with the land. 

The Adnyamanthana and Ndjurri people lived here for over 49,000 years, creating many cave paintings and rock engravings.  Their primary creation story features Arkaroo, the serpent beings.  We both very much feel the presence of these ancient wisdom keepers, the Dragons, here in this country.  Together we will be tracing some of the lines from Broken Hill and Mutawintji, through Wilpena Pound and the ridges at Arkaroola, as well as tracking your own inner journey and relationship with the ancient wisdom keeper within you.  As you know, the innate power and support of a conscious group can be a potent activator of our latent power and abilities, particularly in such a major catalytic linking place.

It will be a journey of joy, deep transformation, perhaps connecting with the star beings and earth keepers of this land and beyond. 

Does your heart call you to participate in this pilgrimage?  We invite you to sit deeply with this question and feel your response.   Do you feel, perhaps hear, the call of the sacred Dragon?

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October 21      Broken Hill

After airport pickups and settling in, our adventure together begins at 2.30pm at the fabulous and very outback Mulberry Vale Bush Cabins in Broken Hill. 

In this heritage listed iconic and quirky mining and artist’s town near the border of NSW and South Australia, we will prepare and anchor our intentions for our sacred journey with an opening circle ceremony. 

Delicious dinner prepared by Jane and Jacqui in the dining room.

October 22     Wilpena Pound

After a good night’s sleep and an early morning land connection, we leave to travel via Peterborough and Hawker.  Delicious morning tea and picnic lunch on the road.  We arrive at the beautiful Wilpena Pound Resort.  Walk amongst the ancient gum trees, swim in the pool surrounded by kangaroos, and have dinner at the restaurant.  flinders-wilpena-pound-resort

October 23     Wilpena Pound

Breakfast at the restaurant.  Today we journey to Sacred Canyon for deep meditation and to the stunning Brachina Gorge.  Morning tea and picnic lunch.  Return to the resort for a group meditation and sound activation.  Walk to the waterhole before dinner at the restaurant.


October 24     Beltana Station


Breakfast at the Wilpena Pound restaurant before driving to the tiny town of Blinman to have morning tea with some magnificent camels.  Picnic lunch in a dry river bed as we explore magnificent country, and on to Beltana Homestead, a working sheep and cattle station built in the early colonial days. 

Accommodation in the old shearer’s quarters.  Dinner prepared by Jacqui and Jane in the shearer’s kitchen and dining room.  Get a blast from the past at the wonderful early colonial museum in the old shearing shed.

October 25     Arkaroola

Breakfast at Beltana restaurant.  We begin our drive to Arkaroola in the Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park.  We travel through the Aboriginal community of Iga Warta, with an opportunity to view and buy some Aboriginal art and learn something of their ancient practices to this day.  Picnic lunch at Italowie Gorge before arriving at Arkaroola Resort.  Time to walk in the dry river bed or take a silent walk along the ridge top.


October 26-28            Arkaroola

Breakfast in the communal kitchen, where we will also prepare delicious morning teas and picnic lunches. 

On the first afternoon will be the world famous 4 hour 4WD Ridgetop Tour into the high peaks and majestic beauty of Arkaroola to give you an amazing experience oand overview of the land we will be exploring and communing with over the next 3 days. 



As with all of this journey, it’s difficult to set out an itinerary for this part of our time together. What evolves will come from the collective wisdom of this powerful group of Beloveds. There may be individual as well as group processes, ceremony, time for reflection, connecting with land and sky, and sacred sounding. 

Some of the highlights will be a silent morning walk along the stunning Acacia Ridge, a grieving and letting go ceremony at the white ochre walls, the Ridgetop 4WD tour, ceremony at the sacred waterholes, meditations in the dry river bed as we call in the dragon energies and a bright moon ceremony on the last night.

Dinner each night at the restaurant.



October 29      Broken Hill

We reluctantly say goodbye to this very special land and take the long and dusty road back to Broken Hill and the Mulberry Vale Bush Cabins.  Hot showers, cups of tea, and a group meditation to continue activating and embodying our deep experiences.

Dinner either at a local restaurant or something simple cooked at home, depending on how the group feels.

October 30      Broken Hill

Breakfast cooked by Jacqui and Jane.  Today we, as carers of this earth, integrate all that has happened – all that we’ve offered and all that we’ve been given.  There will also be time to visit an art gallery and a mineral and crystal shop selling stunning local specimens from this ancient land. 

Again, what unfolds will be determined by our now deeply unified group of women.

October 31   Closing and Goodbye

A hearty breakfast cooked by Jane and Jacqui.  We will end with a powerful closing ceremony. 

Time for a delicious morning tea and transfers to the airport for those catching flights that day.

A month or so later..

The sacred work we’ve done for the land and what we’ve received from it, doesn’t end when the journey ends, our hearts and souls are forever joined. 

To continue the embodiment of this transformational journey, we will gather again either in person in Sydney on a date to be determined, or via Skype for those Beloveds further afield. 

jacq jane cropped

Beloveds, we welcome you on this sacred pilgrimage

                            Jacqui and Jane 

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