Unfortunately the web course needs to be cancelled for these dates. I will be offering it in 2017

I'm passionate about sharing information and skills about essences! They are one of the most profoundly, transformational healing tools of communication. I love how there is always something within nature, if we stop, listen and explore, that deeply supports us. They inspire us to find new ways of being and change behavior patterns, not by giving us something new, but by awakening what is dormant. They invite us to greater wholeness.

Join me, in this inspiring and practical course!

You will learn:

~ how and why the creating of essences is such a blessing, a spiritual practice

~ how to create essences and make stock and dosage bottles

~ Connect with nature and flower energies through meditation journeys

~ Understand how vibrational remedies work through resonance

~ Understand the patterns and characteristics of flowers

~ How to combine essences and offer them to self and others

~ Understand the differences between flower and gem essences and ways of combining them

Course includes:

~ five 2 1/2 hour interactive seminars and separate flower essence meditations

~ Complete video set when course is complete

~ Discounted essences

~ All notes

~ Question and answer time

For more information or registering please contact me or call +61 414 837 558

Payments can be made by direct deposit ro PayPal/CC

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