Wild Earth Spirit Retreat

Southern France, May 18 - 26, 2017



The Wild Earth Retreat is an unfolding dance of co-creation with the land, spirit and participants, allowing time to embody your powerful experiences. The itinerary will vary depending on the weather and the unfolding group process. We follow the calling within the landscape and group about where we journey each day and the length of time we stay. I prefer to offer a deep connection and sacred experience of the subtler realms within the landscape rather than visit many varied places.

As well as learning many practical skills of herb craft, deep plant and earth communion, essence and elixir making, this retreat offers heart-full transformation and inspiration, to rekindle our wildness of soul and being of service to our beautiful earth.

We look forward to sharing this inspiring and powerful journey with you!

Blessings of this beautiful earth,


Day 1
Thursday May 18


Welcome Beloveds!
Pick up at Toulouse airport at 12.30 to journey to the Hostellerie de l’Eveche, on the banks of the river Aude, Alet les Bains. The beautiful old Hostellerie was originally the episcopal palace for the abbey, the ruins of which adjoin the 3 hectare gardens of our lovely accommodation. We share an opening circle and introduction at 3.30pm and a delicious afternoon tea. Time to settle in, meet each other and acquaint yourself to this beautiful village before a group dinner.

The legendary birthplace of Nostradamus, the name 'Alet' means chosen place. It is a beautiufl and small village to explore, from the statue of Joan of Arc, to the old church with a Black madonna, medieval houses and narrow winding streets, surrounded by hills, river and mountains. 

Each day will begin with a group circle, sounding and meditation to set the intent and inspirations to consider over the day as we explore this vibrant landscape.

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Wild Weed Wanders

Explore the local area, along the river banks and forest paths. You will be identifying herbs, their properties, hear stories and their history, learn their preparation as medicines, dosing, sit in meditation with different plants and experience how they impact you and what they whisper in your heart. Commune with ancient grandmother Elder trees, blossoming in the early Spring.

You need not have any previous experience of working with plants or herbs as medicines. Bring your love of nature and enthusiasm! All manufacturing and essence making skills will be taught. There is room within the retreat to choose to dive deeply into plant or earth connection, explore the healing role of flowers, rest deeply and wander in this nurturing landscape.


Montsegur whole day excursion

After some discussion about the Cathar and sacred history of Montsegur, we share a group circle and acknowledgement of the land in the wild flower strewn meadow. You can make your way, as a silent walk, up the forested path to the mountaintop ruins of the castle. You will be guided in making your own essence and have time for  individual connection with this powerful and beautiful land. We will also have time to visit the medieval village with it’s Black Madonna, lovely handicraft shops and Cathar museum.

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Pierre Falcone walk and picnic



The view over the land is incredible from here. It enables us to see some of the key energy places and where they lie in relation to each other, as well as the snaking lines of the Wouivre, or ley lines. Amongst the rocks and bushes of this hilltop area we walk over wild thyme and chamomile, their beautiful scents rising with each foot fall. Here we connect more deeply with the spirits of particular plants, with rock and winged ones. You will make tinctures of wild thyme after meditating with the plant and understand what it offers medicinally, emotionally and spiritually.


Rennes les Bains


Connect with the energies of the waters in this ancient site, once inhabited by the Celts, Isis priestesses, Romans and Cathars. T two rivers meet here, in a swirl of currents. It is a sacred site cleansing and blessings, a unique to meeting of the salty waters of the Salz and the fresh waters of the Blanc.

We share a group ceremony and private meditation time at the Fontaine des Amour, a river rock area relating to the energies of divine union and visit the dragon fly stone carving. The forest here is particularly beautiful, green and verdant, with clear mountain waters rushing over great rocks. wew-dragonfly-stone

La Roche Tremblant

This translates as the rock that trembles. It is a mysterious site with a large rock naturally balanced, that is capable of movement. It is an area apparently known to the Knights Templar and of high energy. Surrounded by beautiful forest, this is a teaching area and place of insight. We will picnic here, explore the forest and connect with the energies of this sacred place. You may like to create an essence or a tincture here as well as exploring your responses to the land, and the land to you. Remember that nothing is outside us…


Nebias Labyrinth whole day excursion

This is one of the most alive and magical places I have ever visited, the epitome of an enchanted forest! The elementals and devic energies are so very present in the lush beauty here. Cascades of moss from the trees create inner cocoons of the softest greens, places to meditate and dream in.  

The ‘labyrinth’  is an amazing natural rock formation that winds, literally like a maze, under the forest canopy.  It is a space for private journeys, wild wanderings, a group experience at the Saapin Harp glade, picnic in the labyrinth and connecting with the devic realms.



Alpine Wildflower Meadows


Under the shadow of the Pyrenees these meadows, on the edge of a mediaeval village,  lie beneath the mountain, Le Bezu.  This is one of the power places of the landscape temple in this area. Collect wild chamomile, borage, st johns wort, and yarrow for elixirs or making a spiritual essence. These plants are of such high prana, you can almost hear them singing! We will wander, gather, sing and sink deeply into the land here. 



After the meadows of flowers, we will picnic lunch at the lake at the base of Mount Bugarach. This mountain, known as a star being portal, has many legends and mysteries surrounding its presence and history.



Esperaza Markets

This delightful old, river side town has a fabulous market on Sundays, with crafts, delicious food, organic vegetables,  clothing,  buskers,  crystals,  hats and instruments! The town also has a beautiful church dedicated to St Michael. Collect water from the spring in the centre of the village. Have lunch at one of the many food stalls or at a local café overlooking the old, flower covered bridge.











Druid Isle, Alet Les Bains

A morning experience of meditation and connection on the narrow island in the centre of the river Aude, close by our Hostellerie. Experienced a chanting circle with Jane, under curving bowers of leaves. This isle within the flow of the river, is an ancient Druid ritual site. A place a great harmony and balance. The water rimming the isle on one side are wild and white tipped, and on the other soft and gentle. How true this is for us, the blending of the wild, untamed soul self and the gentle, tender and restful. 

A place of divine union, an ancient marriage power site on the crossing of ley lines. Visiting it at moonrise is particularly beautiful!


Magdalene Caves

Visit the ancient hilltop village, a center of mystery, Rennes Le Chateau rumoured to once have been the site of a Roman Isis temple. A centre of mystery, there are many stories about rennes and its elusive 'treasure'.

Crossing the River of Colours, we wander past fields of bright red poppies, alongside the cliff edge and down to the well hidden caves. In these powerful sites you can meditate, explore and connect with the land. We then share a group experience of one of Jane’s amazing sound healings. Her voice and crystal bowl resonates profoundly through you and with the earth pulse.

This eveniing we share a lovely group dinner out at a local restaurant in the village of Bouriege, La Corneilla. This is always a wonderful evening of laughter and delcious food. (not included in costs, allow Euro 18.50)



Day 9
Friday May 26



After pressing out and bottling our elixirs and tinctures, we share a closing circle ceremony and final morning tea in the gardens of the Hostellerie. For those requiring transport, you will be driven to Limoux by 12.30pm or Toulouse Blagnac airport by 2.30pm.


Farewell Beloveds!

Jacqui and Jane 

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