Friday, December 9 

6.30 - 9PM, Awareness Institute, 1/20 Clarke St, Crows Nest

Talking with the universe bends our minds and perception in ways unimaginable. Nothing is linear, anything is possible and everything is infinitely more complex and extraordinary than we’ve ever dreamed.

Tonight, hear some some of the information and awareness that has been coming in through Quantum hypnotherapy regression sessions; our relationship with star beings, planetary healing and personal transformation.  Open the door to a new experience and understanding of reality. Participate in a guided journey of other existences and connection with the vast realms and wisdom of your soul.  Quantum journeying helps you embody your truest expression, heal attachments from other times, and live your realised purpose, in service with your infinite heart.

This workshop is for those who have attended a previous Quantum Universe evening, a Quantum Hypnotherapy session or are used to exploring the realms of soul possibility. It is a deeper dive and exploration down the rabbit hole of our multidimensional universe and self!

Cost: $45