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New dates to be announced for 2019!

With guest presenter, the fabulous sound healer, Jane Elworthy
9 days in Southern France

When you live in awareness that the world is alive, you open a doorway into sacred mystery.

Journey into the landscape temple of the Divine Feminine, in the French Pyrenees mountains. Known as an ancient pilgrimage route, this timeless area of rugged mountains, forests, caves and rivers has long been considered sacred for healers and mystics. 

This 9 day retreat is a deep immersion with plant spirit and sacred earth communion. The spiritual practice of making essences, plant tinctures, developing shamanic plant or rock allies, walking as one with the land are powerful, transformational experiences, offering profound insights into the deepest nature of our soul. 

Deepen your sacred relationship with our beautiful earth, communing with the wisdom within nature and devic realms. You will explore and experience sacred sites, standing stones, clear mountains springs, forests and a radiance of wildflowers in alpine meadows. This retreat is a calling to reawaken those parts of you that are untamed and still wild. Dissolve your boundaries between skin and breath, and the rocks, earth, flowers and roots. Unfurl your wings, scratch your scales, soar to the higest eyrie and sound your presence in the world! 


Join shamanic herbalist and alchemist, Jacqui Bushell and guest presenter, sound healer and musician Jane Elworthy on this joy-full, loving experience in southern France, a deepening into the wisdom and beauty of ourselves and the earth.


We will be staying at the lovely old Hostellerie l'Eveche at Alet Les Bains, with it's 3 hectares of gardens and the river Aude nearby for swimming and meditating beside. We will explore the ancient forests and mountains of the Pyrenees with their many natural springs, sacred power sites and wild abundance of herbs and flowers. This area is steeped in the mysticism of the Isis tradition, Druids, Essenes, Cathars and wise women over many thousands of years. It is rich in mystery and redolent with meadows of wildflowers, deep caves in the womb of the earth, alpine herbs and magnificent forests of beech, birch, alder and oak. 

Connect with sacred sites 

In our journey with plants and earth spirit we will be visiting and allowing time to deeply connect sacred sites; Montsegur, Rennes Les Bains, Nebias forest and natural labyrinth, the caves on the River of Colours, ley line energies and powerful natural formations of rock, tree and spring sources.

Learn from the land itself 

This Wild Earth Spirit Retreat is an intimate and transformational journey with yourself, the plants and the earth. This is not a spiritual tourism journey but a deep immersion with nature and Spirit. There will be time to fully integrate, build upon and embody your experiences.

  • Develop 'allies' within nature for healing, wise council and learning ~    with herbs, trees, flowers and rocks
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Meditating and meditation journeys outside individually and within the group
  • Sacred sound
  • Elemental movement
  • Energy activations
  • Wild weed wanders geting to know the wild herbal plants, their stories,   history and what they offer us as well as ways of creating medicines with them
  • Creating sacred waters with plants and flowers, making essences and tinctures as part of a spiritual practice of deep communion to perceive the patterns and consciousness the plant offers. 

Touch the sacred wild within yourself and the earth

Listen to the voice of nature where meaning is imbued in the movement of the stars, brush of wing, rustle of leaves. To love the world so deeply, means living in presence and embodying your authentic nature. Be infused and informed by all the elements, allowing the land to awaken us even more to our full aliveness, our radiant soul, where we are always 'enough'. Remember and re-embody yourself as a sacred being, divine and wholy Beloved.

There will also be time to rest, integrate your experiences and nourish your soul. 

Numbers are limited for this retreat to 10 only. The 2016 retreat was incredibly popular so please let me know if you are interested and I can hold a place for you. 

No Essence making or Herbal Medicine experience is required. Just a deep love of the earth and a desire to commune more with nature, your heart and spirit.

Please contact Jacqui for a Registration Form and more details


REGISTRATION FORM: is available on request. Please email or call Jacqui to ensure there is a place available and to chat about any questions you may have.  

Cost: $AU3299 incl gst, excluding flights to and from Toulouse. Inclusive of meals, accommodation, tuition, entry fees at Montsegur, and travel within the area. See Itinerary for more details. 

Paypal/CC Payments

Total Cost: $AU 3895 incl gst, with part payment options, direct deposit and international bank transfer available. Please contact Jacqui before making a payment to ensure a place is available and to receive the Registration form.

Please note that full payment by Paypal has a 2% additional fee charge  

What people have said:

Ishara Love 

The Earth Spirit Retreat in 2016 with Jacqui and Jane was one of the most joyously soul expanding experiences of my life! Just being held within the magical chalice of this extraordinary region of France, was such a delight within itself. But to receive Jacqui's guidance and encouragement around dropping into deep communion with the land, along with her incredible wisdom and experience in the spiritual essences and medicinal qualities of various plants we encountered, was quite a revelation.

Enhancing these experiences was the copious gifting we received of Jane's divinely soul stirring abilities in creating sound medicine. It was so beautifully unique and expertly crafted to bring exactly the perfect vibration to the moment. These talented women had assembled for the journeying, a group of women each incredible in their own right and many friendships which I'm sure will prove to be lifelong, were formed during this deeply moving retreat.

I would recommend anyone with an interest in connecting at an even deeper level with the wisdoms of our Mother Earth and your own relationship to self, to grasp this opportunity with both hands and bring it into your heart with a loud YES!! 

Bronwen Maxwell 

YES YES YES to the gorgeous life alchemists Jacqui and Jane! 


I absolutely LOVED this sensational Retreat with the delicious Jacqui Bushell and Jane Elworthy ... by saying YES to your Heart and Soul you are Gifting yourSelf...

Jody Kalpenos

Spoken beautifully... loved this experience and echo the words of Ishara