Sacred Anointing Evening  

Friday, March 10, 2017

Waverton, 6.00-9pm

Anointing with oils and loving touch is a deep honouring of the sacred nature of another. To deeply listen with and touch someone in heart felt communion is profound. It is more than a simple blessing. When we acknowledge that every atom, every aspect of a being is whole and divine your touch is transformed into an act of consecration.  

Sacred essential oils like myrrh, sandalwood, rose, spikenard and frankincense have been of service to humanity over thousands of years for the upliftment of prayer, for healing and for consecrating. Such a level of connection with others fills me like an overflowing chalice with gratitude and an experience of unity with the great song of praise and joy that permeates all life. It is too, a sinking into infinite stillness and wonder of the beauty of every being... This is something we are all able to offer another. We are all able to love this deeply, this widely and it rocks us to the core of our being to be thus held, in Grace. 

The Magdalene energies invite us to connect with the absolute constancy of love. Live your life as unconditional love in action, in service to Divine, as one with Beloved. 

'At every point on the path, choose love'


 Sacred Anointings 

are facilitated by myself and the fabulous sound healer Jane Elworthy

Come and be part of a Sacred Anointing experience

Sacred Anointing Evening 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Waverton Hall, Sydney, 6.00-9pm   

Cost: $50
Where: Waverton Hall, Waverton (opposite the train station)  
More details: email or 0414 837 558

PAYPAL / CC Payment of $50

What People have said:

'I was unsure of what to expect in attending a sacred anointing, but every cell in my body said 'yes' when I received the email. I entered the space feeling incredibly unworthy. However, the love, warmth and energy that I felt from being in the room was overwhelming. Jacqui and Jane didn't know my story, many of us didn't know each other, but they held the space for us to honour each individuals divinity and birth right to love and that was beautiful! What was unique is that there was no need for me to be in my head, they allowed us to sink into our bodies, with every sense being heightened through touch, smell and sound. I bow my head in gratitude to Jacqui and Jane and thank you both for allowing me to remember my essence and that of my fellow participants.' 
Angela B. NSW

'For me anointing ceremonies with Jane and Jacqui are the most sacred, divine spaces I have ever experienced. It's the closest I have ever been to experiencing oneness and being pure love. The offering and the receiving of an anointing meld into one and you realise the giving and receiving in every moment. You become aware of the divine love that each of us is capable of tapping into. It's a remembering of our true, divine nature, an honouring of our innate oneness and of the dualistic nature of the physical plane we walk on. 

So many of us hear about things like oneness, enlightenment, and love but do we ever put ourselves in a space that brings us closer to the experience and the knowing of these things?  For me, being in the space created at these anointing ceremonies pulls me out of the thinking thinking thinking mind and allows me to tap into the grander essence that is life and myself, Sabrina.

Thank you Jane and Jacqui for your divine hearts and purest of intentions to bring more love and light to our everyday lives.'
Sabrina Domenosky, NSW

'My deepest gratitude goes to you beautiful amazing women and beings!! What a profound space last night was! Without even being fully aware what it was all about, I found myself being blessed by a thousands angels and re connected to a sisterhood that had stood long ago amongst the shifting sands.  Such an imaginable bond created in a deep heartfelt act of bathing the feet and anointing one another.  Room buzzing of ancient lost sounds, rhythm pulsing and hearts expanding right open.  Sharing love made food with a room full of Love, simply divine!! I am so very grateful, thank you.'  
Melanie K. NSW

What is Sacred Anointing?  For me, it is the experience to connect from the deepest and truest part of my heart and soul and share it unconditionally with other beings. My heart space expands to allow the purest love to flow as I give and receive unconditionally, igniting the divine and supporting the realisation of oneness of all that I am.  Jacqui and Jane hold a space of love and safety that can only be described as being cradled in the arms of mother earth.  They bring new meaning to the words “I See You”.  With my deepest gratitude, Tania Sloan, NSW 


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