magdalene essences mialblast   

  • Wheat - living in community, nourishing and loving our Truth of being 
  • Briar Rose - imagine what might happen to shame, fear and low self esteem if we could trust the truth of our divine expression? If we could accept the radiance of our being. 
  • Easter Lily - reveals much also about acceptance of our purity and innocence of being and how we might 'listen' with our whole being. Have you ever felt 'called' to step up in some way, to step beyond what you ever dreamed might be possible? 
  • Blue Gentian -  Joy is a basis of creation from which all things arise. Joy exists as an absolute, like love. It can never be polarised. It is part of our innate song of being.
  • Star of Bethlehem - Knowing 'I AM'. Living knowing the sacredness and connectedness of all beings. Balancing heaven and earth, spirit within the body, always one within the divine song of life.

As we know and trust our divine expression we can allow ourselves to be more fully present, with less fear and restraint. The essences bring with them a rich experience of the Feminine, of softening into ourself and our creative, intuitive shakti dance.

All that we are is always 'enough'.

Date tba        
Maximum of 8 participants                            
Cost: $95

Information /Registration: 0414 837 558  

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