sgoddess-tatueWomens' Wisdom

Empowering our lives, Nurturing our spirit

Connect to an ancient way of knowing and come home to the heart of our sacred self as women. This course is a creative and transformational journey of reclaiming our innate wisdom, of loving and living to our full potential. The sacred feminine is re-emerging powerfully at this time, bringing in balance and reconnection for personal and global transformation.  This inspiring course explores herstorical perspectives on women’s bodies, power, creativity, sexuality, cosmology and the goddess.

Creating sacred space together we journey on all levels to reconnect with our source as women, learning through guided meditations, psycho-spiritual work, shamanism, the healing power of ceremony, art, tarot, lecture, film, discussions, humour and playfulness. This course is for women wanting to participate in a dynamic group experience. It is for those with a keen interest in personal growth and transformation and a desire to reawaken our inner wisdom, courage, passion and purpose through an experience of the sacred and divine within herself and the world.

We never know how high we are
Till we are called to rise;
And then, if we are true to plan,
Our statures touch the skies.
Emily Dickinson

The ‘Womens’ Wisdom’ course is held over 4 weeks, beginning feb 12, 2015, 6.30-9pm. 

Year long program:

Term 1  Earth

Connecting with the sacred Earth and earth energies. Creation cosmology. The cycles of the year with the triple goddess; maiden, mother and crone. The Goddess in herstory: Demeter, Inanna, Lilith, Gaia, Spider woman. Connecting with the ancient grandmothers. Finding our own place in history. Creating  sacred space. Honouring our body and spirit.  

Term 2  Fire

Honouring the light and our sacred heart-fire. Illuminating our being, warming our soul. Connecting with fire energies and the fire goddesses: Pele, Brigid, Hestia, Oya, Sekhmet. Sparking our creativity. Transforming our lives. Lighting our way home. The hearth of being.

Term 3  Air

Connecting with the song of all life. Divine inspiration. The council of birds and the golden feather. Sacred breath. Finding our voice and sound. Releasing what binds us. Lifting our wings. Connecting with goddesses of the air: Eagle woman, Eurynome, the Harpies. Learning from the wind. Awakening the dream. Honouring our intuition.

Term 4  Water

The chalice of the soul. Blessing the waters. Scrying. The transformations of water. Allowing  flow. The myth of the selkie; finding our seal skin/soul skin. Connecting with the goddesses of water: Mami wata, Oshun, Yemaya. Living water.  

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