Wild Earth Wisdom

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When you live in awareness that the world is alive, you open a doorway into sacred mystery.

Step into a heart way of being, living as one within the interconnectedness of all life. Ignite your wild soul!  Come into profound communion with land, wind, water, tree and animal, exploring your unique perception and responsiveness to the earth. Deeply listen to the rhythms and beings in nature; the brush of wing, the cry of hawk, the shape of leaf. Learn of the wisdom in the land and come home to your empowered, divine self, as one with the sacred in everything.

Earth connection, plant spirit wisdom, vibrational essence workshops are held regularly on sacred land in the beautiful Blue Mountains, Sydney and USA.

'Soulsong Journey' and 'Bridging Heaven and Earth' Retreats are co-facilitated with the wonderful sound healer and frame drummer, Jane Elworthy. New! France Awakening the Divine Heart: The Path of the Magdalene Pilgrimmage Journey May 2017. 

Courses may be attended individually or as a series

Wild Earth Wisdom: an introduction 

Date 2017 tbc
9-4.30pm, Field of Mars Reserve, East Ryde, Sydney

Connect your wild heart with the wild soul of the land. Through individual and group deep immersion practices come into deep communion with the wisdom of nature. Within a co-creative relationship with earth and universe we come into harmony and balance with our true nature and authentic power. With meditations and perceptual exercises explore earth energies, the devic and nature spirit realm, trees, herbs, wild life and the elements.


Full payment $135 or deposit $67.50

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Contact Jacqui 0414 837 558 or email if ou wish to make a direct deposit payment


Plant Spirit Wisdom Retreat

More details coming soon. Hold the date!

Date October 14-17, 2017
Karuna Sanctuary, Blue Mountains

All over the world, indigenous peoples have always communicated with plants and listened to their guidance. Everyone has the innate ability to experience the essence or pattern of consciousness of a plant and connect with the profound healing wisdom within nature. This workshop focuses on developing dynamic co-creative relationships with plants and herbs as allies for healing, communicating with and to be of service in our world. This very experiential workshop emphasises discovering your individual, innate responsiveness to our environment and exploring ways of connecting and communicating with the plant spirit world through meditation, shamanic journeying and opening all our senses. 


Contact Jacqui 0414 837 558 or email if ou wish to make a direct deposit payment

Workshops can be attended either separately or together. Places are limited to 8 people only. Please register early if these workshops sing to your soul, they book out very quickly!

Listen with and be guided by Nature

Jacqui Bushell   0414 837 558



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