Healing Essences Course

Written by Jacqui Bushell.

Course Description

Flower and gem essences are transformational tools of consciousness made from the immersion of a flower, gem or other object in water and left to infuse in sunlight. The resulting water contains an imprint of the flower or gem. Essences interact with our subtle bodies triggering resonance through all aspects of our being. They encourage the awakening of our dormant qualities, inspiring transformation and alleviating our fears and limited perceptions. Essences invite opportunities for profound healing and change at all levels. In this course you will explore making, prescribing and communicating with essences. There is a strong focus on practical experience, personal empowerment and awakening to nature.

A similar course is run at the Awareness Institute over 8 weeks with a one day workshop connecting with nature and making an essence.


Course Outline:

Week 1 Introduction to Flower and Gem Essences. Historical and cultural background to working with essences. Making and communicating with essences as a spiritual practice. The role of resonance. Our connection with nature. Meditation with flowers.

Week 2 Making Vibrational remedies. Why we make essences. Making up mother tinctures, stock and dosage bottles. Storing essences. Stock suppliers.

Week 3 Understanding flower characteristics and expression. Doctrine of signatures. Meditation.

One day workshop: 9.00-5.00pm Essence making in the bush, essence combining and prescribing.

Week 4 An introduction to Bach Flowers, FES, Humanifest and Australian Bush flower essences. 

Week 5 Case study. The consultation process. Ethics. Healing responses with essences.

Week 6 Introduction to Gem essences. How gem essences differ from flower and animal essences. Meditation.

Week 7 Flower affinity process. Combining Essences.

Week 8 An introduction to Animal and environmental essences. Meditation. Assignments due.

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