Herbal Medicine Plant Harvesting

st-johns-wortThese days are for those interested in coming out into the wilds of the Blue Mountains to harvest herbs. Generally they are for the 'Local Medicinal Plants' students, but any interested person is welcome to come along and forage. I prefer to jkeep numbers down, a maximum of 10. Throughout Spring and Summer I'm regularly going out to collect plants as they come into season. Generally we collect the St Johns Wort when blooming, and other local common 'weeds' like chickweed, centaury, ribwort, dandelion leaves, nettles, wormwood, fat hen, mullein, yarrow, bidens, shepherds purse, chicory, conyza, fumitory, prickly lettuce, jasmine, pellitory, self heal, red clover........... Before we get sunburned we come back to the house to make them up into fresh plant tinctures and infused oils. Dates are organised by cross checking every ones diaries!

Please email or call if you are interested. It's an early start, so please be up in Katoomba by 8.30 at the latest.

Saturday Dec 6, 2014

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0414 837 558

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