Naturally Delicious! Cooking

apple-tartsNaturally delicious!

Gluten, dairy and sugar free cooking

Do you have food allergies and need to change your diet? Are you wondering what’s left that you CAN eat? Learn how to combine healthy eating, elimination diets and fabulous food. Discover the enormous ranges of foods that you can prepare simply and deliciously and where to source the ingredients. Know what ingredients and foods may contain ‘hidden’ gluten, dairy or sugar.

This workshop is very practical with plenty of cooking and an emphasis on ‘quick and easy’. You will be able to prepare tasty gluten free bread, cakes that don’t crumble, biscuits, slices, desserts and nutritionally balanced meals. Bring your appetite! Lunch provided.

These workshops are run a the Awareness Institute, Crows Nest, Leichhardt Women's Health center and privately. Contact me if you would like to get a group together.

'A Loving Spoonful' Naturally delicious gluten, dairy and sugar free vegetarian cooking is available through Paypal or various book stores around teh country.

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