Winter Solstice Meditation and Ritual


wintersolstice Celebrating the light within

Connect with the spirit of Winter Solstice, the time of the shortest day and the longest night.  Honour this time of darkness and journey within seeking our inner fire and wisdom. Within the night lies the kernel of the return of Spring, the promise and hope of light’s renewal, the seed of new beginnings. The dark harbours the realms of dreams and possibilities. This guided meditation circle is a deepening connection with our wise self and invites the germination of new dreams and goals for ourselves and the earth.  Winter Solstice is a time of rebirth. Celebrate our radiance, our light within and let this also be an offering of healing and blessing for all beings and our land.

Saturday June 22, 2013 6-9pm, $30.00                   

Awareness Institute 1/20 Clarke St, Crows Nest, 02 9436 1644

Bring something to share for a light meal afterwards and bring a small candle for gifting

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