Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Professional training

2 day workshop, 9-5pm. Dates of next workshop tba


Stone massage is an ancient, healing and deeply relaxing form of therapeutic body work, using heated and cooled stones as extensions of the hands. Warm stones can be used as an adjunct in most massage work or as a complete treatment in itself – pointed textured stones for deep massage and acupressure work, smooth, flat, round stones can be laid on the body and glide effortlessly over oiled muscles, easing strain and tension. Participants must have some previous massage experience. Due to the practical nature of this workshop and the supervision provided, numbers are limited to 6 only.

Jacqui Bushell has been training practitioners in Hot Stone Massage work for 6 years.

Training covers:

  • Origins and history of stone massage
  • Types of stones used: metamorphic. igneous, sedimentary, stone shapes, textures
  • Geothermal properties of different types of stones
  • Purchasing stones (sustainable sources)
  • Cleaning and care of stones
  • Equipment supplies
  • Contraindications and considerations
  • Benefits of hot stone therapy
  • Thermotherapy: hot and cold stone use
  • Demonstrations and practical work - full body stone layouts,
  • Partial stone layouts for use in remedial massage
  • Specific strokes  and different hand holds and manoeuvres
  • Remedial massage with stones
  • Working with pressure points, trigger pints  with stones
  • Working with meridians with stones
  • Working with cool stones; cryotherapy
  • Facial massage stone work

Cost: $300

Contact: 0247 827786 / 0414 837 558


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