Combination Essences Meanings

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Centering, grounding, calming and relaxing. Assists with the release of mental and emotional agitation and anxiety. Allowing inner stillness, quieting the mind; patient, calm yet alert. It helps in allowing greater levels of support, so we feel held, peaceful and encouraged. Greater vision of what is possible and an experience of spaciousness. The superficial falls away thus helping us in knowing where and how to place our focus in times of worry or dissociation. When we come home to our core self and are more grounded, then what is needed becomes apparent and we are able to process things emotionally and mentally with greater ease. We are able to rest in a quiet and still space, and choose to act from there.

‘Calm’ is not just for bringing in quiet but allows inspired action to arise from within that stillness.

Some of the key essences in Calm include: Autumn Light, Platysace, Clematis, Calendula, Chalice Well, Tundra, Chicago Peace Rose, Pink Flannel Flower.


Supports motivation, mental clarity and concentration. For calm balance of mind and times requiring centered, clear focus and intention.  Sometimes it’s so hard to get motivated – to complete that project, assignment, or even to begin that task. Our mind wanders, we procrastinate and get distracted. ‘Focus’ supports a clear, alert mind and presence, making it easier and obvious where to place our focus and mindfulness.

If very stressed and anxious, Focus may be taken concurrently with either ‘Calm’ or ‘Stress Release’; 3 drops of each, as needed. If really distracted, ‘Focus’ may be taken every 15-30 minutes, as an acute remedy.

Some of the key essences include: Chicory, Platysace, Pearl flower, Chicago Peace Rose, Chalice Well, Bush Fuschia.

self-healStress Release 

Improves calmness, coping skills, endurance and vitality during stress times, reducing overwhelm, agitation and releasing tension. Supportive and grounding, for relaxed, yet alert activity. Assistance in finding an easier way of doing things, you don’t need to work as hard or push yourself as much. Reducing perfectionism. Slow down! All will get done, as it needs to.

Some key essences of Stress Release include: Jet, Pearl flower, Peace Rose, Vervain, Impatiens, Calendula, Dandelion, Pink Flannel Flower, Autumn Light, Diamond.

Heart Ease

Supports a balanced transition during times of grief, heart ache, confusion and loss. Supports harmonising of conflict between mind and emotions. Where we can’t comprehend our strong emotional response. Feeling confused, lost and in pain, swamped by our emotions.  Heart Ease supports us in the acute stages of a grieving process, not taking away our pain, but enables us to feel supported and held by Divine wisdom and compassion.

Some key essences of Heart Ease include: Hawthorn, Chicago Peace Rose, Platysace, Chalice Well, Jet, Gold, Quartz, Red Suva Frangipani, Morganite, Star of Bethlehem.


Supports transformation from exhaustion to vitalised renewal, when lacking strength & endurance to carry on. Supports our energy levels when depleted, overwhelmed and exhausted or during times of great demand. Helps us feel like we are coping better and have more resilience both emotionally and physically. Nourishes, renews and strengthens our being. Best when taken over several weeks.

Some key essences of Vitality include: Self Heal, Jet, Elm, Olive, Pink Flannel Flower, Red Rose, Sandstone, Calendula.


For times of transition and change when seeking new direction in life. Invites greater awareness of choices and possibilities, helping release old ways of being.  We often respond to impending change with fear and resistance while still yearning for a different way of being. Such movement can be easier than we expect. ‘Transformation’ supports the solar plexus, inviting new ways of being and ‘taking the leap’ of faith, not only in the universe but in ourself. Supports stable movement, supported and balanced through heart. Releasing old patterns and old ways of defining self. Allowing a new sense of identity to emerge.  Moving beyond your current limits with a deep embrace of being.  We capable of so much creativity, don’t limit yourself or your currently perceived options.

Key essences of Transformation include: Bergamot, Jet, Topaz, Gold, Cat stretch, White Rhododendron, Diamond, Chicago Peace Rose, Pink Flannel Flower, Chalice Well.


Enhances calm, focused, meditation practice, inviting deeper connection with our inner self and oneness with all that is. Longer term use teaches us about resting in Oneness, in stillness.

Some key essences of Meditate include: Gold, Lapis, Pearl, Quartz, Chicago Peace Rose, Peace Rose, Platysace, Lotus, Doryphora, White Rhododendron, Yucca, Moonflower, Californian Poppy, Chalice Well.


For vibrant acceptance of life. Inspiration to fully express our abundant creativity & joyful presence. Awareness of new dreams and possibilities. Engaging the fire of life!  Releases resistance to life. Creativity. Gratitude for being. When we’re questioning our direction in life – recognising our strengths and creative potential   to allow new ways, through joy, love and the beauty of who you really are.

Some key essences of Inspiration include: Iris, Topaz, Morganite, Gold, Quartz, Pink Flannel Flower, Wattle, Platysace

bergamotSelf Acceptance 

Supports the heart in balance with your higher self, acknowledging our true nature with self-compassion and trust. Trust and believe in yourself. Softening towards self. Improves self-esteem and confidence by trusting the truth of your self. Helps us interact with others with emotional balance. More focus on our positive attributes, rather than negative. Reducing critical self-talk. Not getting caught in how others perceive us/ or self-perception. You are never ‘less than’. Balance through the heart. Connection with higher self. Acceptance of purity of self. General strengthening of self identity. Strength, clarity, tolerance. Joy in being.

Key essences of Self Acceptance include: Pink Flannel Flower, Bergamot, Chicago Peace Rose, Rhodocrosite, White Rhododendron, Chicory, Mitrasacme, Self Heal, Mother of Pearl,

Emotional Rescue 

Reduces the impact of shock, worry and trauma. For adults, children or animals. Can be used orally, topically or in a compress.

3 drops orally or topically 3-6 x daily, as needed.

Key essences of Emotional Rescue include: Arctic Moss,  Chalice Well, Diamond, Pink Flannel Flower, Solomon’s Seal, Fringed Violet, Yarrow, Sandstone, Dandelion, Rock Rose, Chicago Peace Rose, Quartz, Star of Bethlehem

What makes Wild Earth Wisdom Emotional Rescue more effective is the addition of  herbal tinctures I make from organic Arnica and locally wild crafted Yarrow. In drop doses, these herbs act like ‘triggers’ in the mixture supporting the relief from shock and bruising, whether emotional or physical.  These tinctures have been energetically potentised with a focused awareness on the properties and spirit of the herb.

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