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Ad the best laid plans....

After the uproar that arose from me deciding to halt manufacture of the creams, balms and ointments, plus a huge nudge from Spirit in the form of a wonderful new distributor I'm picking up the saucepans again! I've a beautiful new logo and label. All products are now available through either my website or Little Earth, from the classics of Nourish Rose Geranium moisturiser, Calendula and Honey cream, Pomegranate Body Balm, as well as the medicinal ones, including some fab new salves: herbal chest rub, comfrey and Hypercal. The Cool Green Cream is now called 'Wild Weed' as its full of, well, lush weeds...chickweed and ribwort.

Of course all the essences are continuing -they are stright from my hearts passion and I offer them in love and service.

Somw of my teaching hours are now reduced to be able to focus more with all I'm sharing with the fabulous Jane Elworthy; the Sacred Anointings, the loving Magdalene energies pouring in, Retreats like the desert retreat 'Soulsong' and the upcoming France Magdalene Pilgrimmage in June 2015. These are singing my heart so deeply. 

Bright Blessings to you all and here's to change!


Esssences can be ordered via email.

A Loving Spoonful - Gluten, dairy and sugar free Vegetarian Cooking. Delicious!

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