Sacred Flow Oil of Anointing

Connect with the creativity and inspiration of your sacral energies. The same creation forces that generate the beauty of the stars, the trees and rivers, flow through us. We are never separate from the seed source of divine inpsiration. There can be no limit to our potential.  For us to manifest our dreams, our heart must be aligned with our sacral chakra and vice versa. 

For women throughout their monthly cycle, whether menstruating or not. For period pain, it's best to apply twice daily to belly, for a week before period, then 4-6 times daily, with a hot pack on top. 

15ml bottle  $30 AU
30ml bottle  $50 AU

Postage in Australia $8.55 for up to 9 x 15ml bottles or 4 x 30ml bottles

Available for wholesale or retail purchase. 

For overseas postage, please order and I will email you with exact rates. 

See drop down menu for different bottle sizes for both oils. Please contact me or call +61 414 837 558 if ordering more than one type of any oil to avoid excess postage costs via PayPal. See link below below for ordering any of the Magdalene, Spikenard or Sacred Flow oils.

Size of oil bottle