Reiki Level III (Master)



This workshop is a profound deepening of the Reiki experience. Working with Reiki is a spiritual practice which assists us in developing greater compassion, love and awareness of our deep connection with all that is. Working closely with the original philosophy of Mikao Usui this workshop incorporates meditation, chi moving exercises and energetic healing practice. The Reiki symbols ar further explored, the Reiki III symbol introduced and how they link with the attunement process. You will learn and practice the Reiki attunement and understand the effect of conferring an attunement for self and others and how to support its integration. There is also a focus on understanding what is involved in facilitating a Reiki Workshop.

Reiki Mastery is a deepening into loving presence, diffusing old limiting self beliefs and steeping forth into yoru true radiance and authenticity, offering yourself in service to the world. The Reiki Retreats are offered in the Boue Mountains or the Broken Hill and Mutawintji desert, co-facilitated wtih Sound Healer Jane Elworthy. 

Detailed workbooks and certificates are given to each participant. CPE points are available.

Ongoing support is available througout and after the workshop and for those considering teaching Reiki.

Pre-requisite: Participants must have been attuned to Reiki level I and II for at least a year and have experience in working with people and the symbols.

Course content for Reiki III includes:

  • Discussion about how everyone has been since Reiki II and any queries that may have arisen
  • Discussion about our Reiki practice with self and others
  • Updated information on the history and practice of Reiki
  • Revision of and deepening the experience of the Reiki II symbols
  • Introducing the Reiki III symbol
  • History of the attunement process
  • Learning and practising the attunement process and understanding its' potential impact emotionally, spiritually, mentally and phsyically
  • Self attunements as a meditation practice
  • Supporting the integration of the attunement
  • Reiki 'first aid'
  • Cautions and contraindications of the attunement process
  • Ethics and accountability when conferring an attunement
  • Information about facilitating Reiki workshops, as requested
  • Hands on healing practice
  • Guided meditations
  • Chi moving exercises
  • Reiki attunement

Upcoming Reiki Master Workshops

Reiki Master Retreat in the beautiful Blue Mountains, July 5-8, 2018. Places limited to only 12. With guest presenter, sound healer Jane Elworthy. 

Held at Karuna Sanctuary, Blue Mountains. Please contact Jacqui if you would like information on the next Reiki Master in the desert.

See Reiki Retreats.

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