Jacqui's wonderful cookbook

A-Loving-Spoonful-CoverNaturally delicious gluten, dairy and sugar free vegetarian cooking at it's best.

Have you recently been told to go on a restricted diet and find the diet almost worse than the disease? Or feel that you can never eat anything delicious again? With food sensitivities becoming increasingly common, ‘what CAN I eat?’ is a common cry. Herbalist, Nutritionist, Lecturer and Reiki Teacher, Jacqui Bushell has written a much needed cookbook in answer to these questions. This simple and tasty cookbook is designed for vegetarians needing to avoid dairy, gluten and sugar. It’s rare a cookbook combines healthy eating and elimination diets with fabulous results; gluten free bread and cakes (that don’t disintegrate into crumbs), dips, soups, desserts, biscuits…... A Loving Spoonful is, quite simply, delicious!

Jacqui Bushell has been facilitating retreats and workshops over the last 15 years, fully catering to folks with sensitive digestions. Loving her food, participants kept asking for the recipes which she would keep printing out. As the list of recipes she invented became longer and longer, the photocopied pages became more and more, until it finally resulted in this cookbook.


(Includes postage inside Australia)