Music of the Plants

Plants perceive and respond to sound, emotion and intention. They open our hearts and have so much to share with us of their beauty, sensitivity and complex intelligence. Share an evening of deepening your relationship and sacred communion with plants, exploring their energies and spirit.

 The Italian spiritual community of Damanhur has been exploring plant communication for 40 years and recently released a machine that enables us to hear the singing of plants. It's beautiful! 


Join jacqui Bushell in an evening of connecting with plant spirit, through a meditation journey,  listening to their harmonic songs and exploring what is possible when we open heartedly create an avenue of communication with nature. 

NEW DATE - Thursday November 23, Denistone (near Ryde). Email me for registration

Time: 6.30-9pm

Cost: $45

Where: Denistone (West Ryde)

Jacqui Bushell 0414 837 558

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Thurs Nov 23

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