These are some interesting links you might enjoy perusing!

dandelion-ballAustralian Traditional Medicine Society:

National Herbalists Association Australia:

The Awareness Institute, Crows Nest:

Nature Care College, St Leonards:

Matthew Wood an American fabulous herbalist with some great monograph info on his site:

Kiva Rose has a great herbal site and blog. you can spend hours exploring the info she has on there:

Henriette Kress' Herbal pages with loads of info, articles and many old books:

Michael Moore's pages of wonderful herbal info, philosophy and humour:

National Insitute of American Herbalism with Paul Bergner:

Rosemary Gladstar (there are so many fantastic, inspiring herbalists out there...)

The Flower Essence Society (FES Essences): or

Biodynamic Craniosacral work, Charles Ridley:, or Giorgia Milne:

Jane Elworthy fabulous sound healer and frame drummer. She's available for conferences, individual or group sessions.