Written by Jacqui Bushell.

crabapple_and_budVibrational Remedies- Tools of consciousness supporting a spiritual path

Last summer I knew I had to make an essence of Crabapple blossom. I’d missed their blooming and had to wait – impatiently – over Autumn and Winter. By late Winter I could almost taste the feeling of the buds. It was a longing from my heart to be with these blossoms. As often happens before the making of an essence I could feel it building in my being and particular patterns in my behaviour and interactions seemed highlighted. When the tree finally started budding I sat with it for hours, noticing how the light dappled through the leaves, the type of shadows cast on the ground, and the varying shades of petal from white to soft pink and red. When I finally sat with the blossoms in a bowl of water I had a realisation about the immense level of support that is available for us unconditionally, at all times. Not just the 'cosmic' spirit sort of support. It's about how we normally perceive our engagement with environment - usually it's an act of separation, where we perceive things in relation to us. Our world - the air, smells, sounds, bush, etc engage with us as much as we do them - it's more dynamic than we can conceive of. The air breathes us as much as we breathe the air. As we move, space conforms around us to allow our movement.

Normally we think of support as something we accept or receive or do for others. It becomes something externally focussed, almost a ‘noun’. Our focus changes slightly and we alter the way we receive support, if we decide to 'acknowledge' or ‘allow’ what is available to us. I think of it like sinking into a large comfy armchair - that I can take refuge in every atom of existence. (Doesn’t it make it interesting to consider this vice versa?) We seem to allow only very limited aspects of support; rarely that expansive, bottomless space of absoluteness that’s available at every moment. The tricky thing that made this particular essence making so challenging for me is that we cannot accept such levels of support without the acceptance of all things with no rejection or resistance. Crabapple provides an opportunity to be fully present with self and other. This ties in with the traditional Bach flower meaning of Crabapple – as we accept all things in Oneness then there is no place for shame or feeling unclean. We can integrate all as Self, in equanimity.  I recognised many of the ways I resist other people, situations, feelings (Coles!) and pull back from certain types of suffering as well as the limitations of my perception and the barriers perception creates.  I so much did not want to know this – having been insistently (and stubbornly) independent for all my life! Within 2 days I developed shingles and was very ill for several months. The yo yo between resistance and integration of experience is very difficult……

When we make an essence we have the opportunity to do so as a spiritual practice, where we practice perceiving something, including ourself, just as it is, without story or judgement. This enables us to know ourselves more truly and to acknowledge the field of oneness. The main reson I make essences is as a profound support for my own journey. Occasionally, I may keep an essence I’ve made. Sometimes it may be relevant for use with other people, if I feel it is appropriate to communicate my experience of making the essence to another being. For me that’s not the point. It is the noticing of something in my environment that catches my eye and touches me in some way. Then the practice of sitting with the thing in a bowl of water and acknowledging the Truth of it’s being and staying with what comes up for me during this process. As things arise I have an opportunity to work through them and potentially take it to completion. With plants we are invited to connect with unconditional love. This is the doorway or form of access to Enlightenment that plants can facilitate. Each flower is an invitation along a different path to reach this point, just as making an animal essence reveals compassion and gems show us the nature of reality, Unity.

crabappletree-essenceI had always thought of making essences as a very personal, self focussed experience. I have gradually come to understand what a gift this process is, not just for me, but for the plant (or rock or whatever), the air, for everything in existence. As I have this opportunity to experience a path to unconditional love then so too does the plant. The act of making an essence has enormous impact. I remember hearing a story of a woman who was desperately keen to make an essence of her cactus tree. This cactus produced a maximum of 2 blooms a year and it had already done so that year. The woman sat and meditated with the budless plant, then went away for the weekend. On her return the cactus had produced 26 open, radiant blooms. She made the essence that day, in immense gratitude and wonder. My practice of making essences has become a dedication or offering – to be of benefit for all beings. As I offer unconditionally with no thought of outcome I find that I can be more present with myself and that I can integrate difficult things with a little more ease. I learned the value of not just dedicating the ‘nice’ feelings but all the hard ones too, as well as physical pain, my responses to things, the ‘stories’ in my monkey chatter mind. It is the joy in offering that is important; it doesn’t matter whether we label what we’re offering as ‘not nice’. I’ve found that this is not an avoidance or a pushing away of issues. It enables me to be more present with what’s going on which creates a lot more movement.

As I make more essences and connected with the Humanifest Mandala Oils (the Heart, Consecration, Peace and Lapis light Oil) I realised what little concept I had of what is possible with essences. As I learned more and noticed the profound shifts in myself, I started understanding more of the ways we perceive and communicate.   ‘Listening’  can be such a dynamic experience when we are not ‘listening for’ something in particular but allowing it to be an exercise of being with self and other in Truth. We listen with all of our body. The reception of frequency resonates through our waters and cells and impacts our consciousness. What we believe, the language we speak, the posture of our body and our physical composition form the framework through which we perceive and how we interpret the experience of listening.

Essences support transformational consciousness shifts, so they can assist us in engaging more clearly and directly with our experiences. It’s like trying to learn an unfamiliar pattern of something. An essence provides a direct invitation down this new path until we are familiar enough with the pattern and we can do it on our own. For me these levels of listening and being more aware and specific with both how I communicate and how I receive frequency has been a key theme of learning to perceive as an act of Unity rather than of separation. Allowing this has and does require enormous levels of trust, acceptance of self and choosing to constantly practice being more present. Over the past 6 years all the essences I have made have developed these themes and have helped me understand a little more about self and the universe in a very grounded way.

When we make or combine essences with the intent of acknowledging non duality or unity for the benefit of all beings, to alleviate suffering and develop compassion, their effect becomes exponential and indeed, infinite. Practising working in this way myself and with the Mandala Oils, I have found for myself and others there is frequently a paradigm shift; from noticing how much we polarise around things and clutch onto our sense of identity to a greater freedom of being. People seem to start noticing patterns more clearly and there is a consistent movement towards forgiveness, compassion and self acceptance. It invites us to remember our True nature which is so much more than our suffering. With essences I have realised more about the absolute nature of being – that beauty, joy, abundance, freedom and support is constantly available to us. It’s just a matter of where we choose to place our focus. Essences are profound vehicles to help us through transformation and journey on a spiritual path. J Bushell Copyright 2006