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Awakening the Divine Heart

A Sacred Magdalene Journey to southern France

May 31 to June 11, 2017 -


The next retreat will be offered in 2019. 

The Magdalene tradition teaches us about divine union, recognizing ourselves and all of humanity as a bridge between heaven and earth.

Join us on this sacred pilgrimage to southern France. 

Within the rugged mountains, deep gorges and lush valleys of the Pyrenees lie energy lines that form an ageless landscape imbued with the mysteries of the Isis tradition, the Essenes, Druids and Cathars, as well as our beloved Mary Magdalene.

The healing springs, caves and grottoes where she lived and taught will be your own sacred landscape on this deep and joyful journey to awaken and live from your true Divine Heart.

A 12 day journey, in the footsteps of the Magdalene

Places limited to 11 women only on this transformational and unique retreat. 

Please contact us for further information. 


Jane and Jacqui welcome you on this 

sacred journey!

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Jacqui Bushell contact 

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"Life changing, simply, beautifully and utterly life changing!" Sandy Lee

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