Gem Essences

Written by Jacqui Bushell.


In service to Truth

We are always that which we Truly are. No matter how impacted we are by anything, our innate nature never changes. Truth cannot be modified. We define and hence limit ourselves, from our actions, our perception, how we think others perceive us and according to our own personal ‘mythology’. Flint has been long part of human cultural evolution: as tool, weapon, fire starter. On a personal level, we can also choose to be available as a tool, to be of service. But in service to what? What do you serve?

What are you going to allow to  shape your being? What do you permit? We allow ourselves to be made ‘small’ in so many ways, and unfortunately we often believe this ‘smallness’, these limitations to be our real self. As we acknowledge Truth, we cannot be manipulated or in our turn, be deceptive. Be your own True nature. Serve in Truth.

Sudden light, insight, heat, illumination, spark.



Effortless being

Jet is the middle step in the compression of carboniferous mass over eons; from coal, to jet and finally to diamond.

As we trust the truth of being there is less need to externalise. All movement can be easy, little effort is needed. The more I just BE, the less I need to do. With clear intention and focus then things fall into place effortlessly. That which we desire we often grasp onto tightly. Jet reminds us to have a light ‘hold’ on everything. There is no need to try and ‘push’ anything to make things happen.

How often we are ignorant of our intentions and motivations. Usually we perceive only limited choices or are confused over which action to make. A focused intent enables clear action. There is no struggle with choice when our intentions and motivations are clear. There can be only obvious and direct action. Our path then gracefully unfolds, moment by moment. Jet is an invitation to effortless being. There is no need to be so ‘loud’ or forceful in our efforts, with anything.