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Essences are a direct connection with the wisdom and creativity of nature. They touch the soul of our being, helping us to shift patterns of behaviour and balance our emotional responses.

Essences are subtle, vibrational remedies made that communicate specific patterns to  assist you to integrate life’s experiences, whether a devastating trauma, the stress of moving house or relationship changes. They support and enhance the body’s vital force by interacting with your subtle anatomy: the chakras, meridians, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Flower and gem essences act as catalysts to inspire change in your behaviour, perceptions, attitudes and feelings. Dormant qualities may awaken, inviting in the capacity for insight and change. This can have a flow on effect to your physical self too. The key to remember is that essences ‘allow’ change, they neither force nor co-erce. As change comes from within, from newly discovered, once hidden aspects of your being, you integrate and embody these shifts. This means that effects can be long lasting.

An essence of a flower or gemstone contains the vibrational imprint or the life force pattern of the object, not the physical substance, so they are very different from essential oils or herbal medicine. They have a little more in common with homoeopathic remedies, but with less potential side effects, which makes them safer and easier to prescribe. A key difference between homeopathics and essences is that essences are created primarily with a spiritual awareness and through experiencing the field of unity, the oneness connecting all creation. Vibrational remedies are created by a combination of intention, focus and our deep love of nature. The object, such as a flower, leaf or rock is placed in a bowl of spring water, outside in a wilderness area and meditated with for several hours. When the essence maker connects in love with the true nature of the flower or gem, with themselves, the earth and the breath of each moment, the water is imprinted with this experience, the intention and the life force.

             Each time you take an essence, it’s like a bell ringing a note through your being, 
             resonating deep within you, striking chords of change, insight and new ways of      


Through modern physics we are gaining a technical understanding of the unique properties of water
and it’s holographic imprinting of patterns of consciousness. Many are now familiar with the ground breaking work of Masuro Emoto, ‘The Messages From Water’ which demonstrates how water crystallisation music, words, photos, and distant healing. He demonstrates that water alters its molecular patterning with a change of intention and focus. This is precisely what occurs when we expose a flower to water, apply our intent, sunlight and the intelligence of nature to create an essence.

Essences can be thought of as liquid patterns of consciousness.
When combined, they communicate these patterns through the principles of resonance. When taken, the essence combination sounds through your being like a chord being struck.  Any point of similarity, begins to vibrate in harmony, triggering release, inspiration and greater choice. Essences can touch the core of your being, as they bypass our usual visual or auditory means of communication. Instead, by their vibration and resonance through water, DNA, the liquid crystalline structures in our blood and cells, and our subtle anatomy, essences impact on our soul life, enabling insights, the shifting of stuck or stressful patterns of behavior and balance our emotional responses.

Wild Earth Wisdom founder, Jacqui Bushell has been making essences for over 20 years. For me, it is a dynamic spiritual practice, of deep learning and insight as well as an offering of service to the flower, rock or and I am connecting with.  It is primarily these essences, which have been so much part of my unfolding journey that I use to create the Combination Essences.  Occasionally, there may be an essence from another company added, such as from the Bach Flowers, Australian Bush Flowers or Humanifest Essences.

The Combination Essences are specifically combined to communicate particular emotional  patterns. They support us during times of change, stress, fear and transformation, for when we seek guidance, inspiration and new ways of being.

            Some of the Combination Essences such as Focus, Stress Relief, Calm, Meditate, Heart Ease
            and Emotional Rescue are suitable for acute treatment. Others are better taken long term.

How to take the essences:

Take 3 drops either orally or topically (drop onto the skin, or over the crown chakra) immediately and every 15-30 minutes, as needed for best results. With a minor injury or an emotional impact through a chakra or body area, place 7 drops of the essence in a little water and pour it onto a folded tissue or gauze. Place it, like a compress, over the area, taping it down. Breathe into that area of your body, the sensations and feelings there, or gently touch it with your hand, as this will assist the support and release of the holding tension. 

All of the Essence Combinations, apart from Emotional Rescue can be taken longer term to support deeper, longer lasting change.  Vitality, Transformation, Inspiration and Self Acceptance should be taken two to three times daily, over a 2-4 week period.  Avoid taking them more frequently, as they may move things emotionally and/or physically, very fast. With essences, the impact is gauged not so much from the size of the dose, but from the frequency of the dose. Each time you take an essence it’s like a bell ringing a note through your being, resonating deep within you. So the more times you take it, the more times that a particular note sounds within your being, striking the chord of an emotion or pattern.

The response to essences varies enormously. With acute stress situations, there is generally rapid relief, when the appropriate essence is taken frequently. Be aware that the underlying patterns of behavior and emotional response will need to be worked with also, for long-term results. Essences should not be applied simply as a band aid measure, as this prevents you from recognising your true potential and discovering other ways of being, without those habitual behaviours. For short term periods that are stressful, needing strong focus and motivation or one off episodes such as dealing with fear of flying or exams, then acute treatments work well. 

What to look out for:

If there is any discomfort, either physically or emotionally, stop taking the essences for several days and try resuming at 1-3 drops, taken once daily. They are not meant to be a substitute for a counsellor, therapist or doctor. In fact, the Combination Essences can be wonderful in enhancing and supporting other therapy processes.  When we are working with deep soul transformation we are often moved from our comfort zone, with new, not always comfortable insights arising, or a polarised swing between our old behaviours and the new. Sometimes there are rapid shifts and people suddenly find they are no longer engaging in old ways, at other times there may be greater awareness of, or even a highlighting of our patterns, as we gain understanding and mastery of our ways of being.

The Combination Essences are made with pure spring water and 30% Australian Brandy. For those unable to tolerate alcohol, please dilute 3 drops of the essences in a little water and drop several drops around your body, over your crown or on your skin. Kirlian photography shows that when an essence enters your auric field, it too has impact. 

Combination Essences are available for retail purchase or wholesale purchase.

Retail price: $16.00 per 30ml bottle. Each bottle will last approximately 6 weeks, unless taken over 3 times daily. 10% discount on purchases of 5 essences. 

Please email for orders, so correct postage can be assessed. Payments available through CC, Paypal, or direct deposit.