Animal Essences

Written by Jacqui Bushell.

cat-stretchCat Stretch

Reaching further

Cats stretch slowly and sinuously with their whole body. It is a very stable stretch with no shaking or twisting of the body like a dog, but is fluid, elastic and graceful.

Cat Stretch Essence allows us to ‘reach for’ in a stable way. To stretch beyond where we are usually comfortable and move beyond our limits with suppleness, grace and ease. Such movement may be on any level, physically, emotionally or of our beliefs. Cat Stretch broadens our range of perception, allowing other possibilities to emerge and a more active, dynamic perception.


The recognition of pattern

The spider web is a self created source of providing nourishment, home and occasionally protection. They are both gossamer light and incredibly strong, reminding us of our own inner resourcefulness. The structures and patterns we create can be both beautiful and functional. Cobweb supports us in recognising and being accountable for what we’re spinning in our lives, on all levels. Spiders never get caught in their own web. Sometimes the patterns of our lives, like a spider’s web can be incredibly complex and intricate. Often we don’t need to know the overall pattern but only the next move on the spiral path, which a spider unhesitatingly takes.

Ultimately all things are infinite, interweaving patterns. We create pattern or mandalas constantly, with every breath, with All that we are in every moment. This is usually unconscious. As our self acceptance deepens and we cling less to external supports for strength then we become more accountable for our presence. Sometimes we feel not good enough, or invisible in the world, but all that we are has impact. There can be no hiding. Stepping into our authority and our choice to Be, our choice to Act. Recognising the patterns in our behaviour, our interrelationships, emotional patterns. What webs are we weaving? Cobweb helps us see the pattern. If you were a spider what would your web look like?



The moth lifecycle is rich and complex. From the caterpillar which sheds it’s skin several times, to the chrysalis metamorphosis and final emergence in winged form. Moths have many multiple sensory perceptors. The wings, body and legs are covered with numerous tiny and fragile touch sensitive hairs. The feathery antennae can perceive touch, smell, temperature as well as taste. Their hearing is very acute from sensitive organs found on their legs. This makes them incredibly sensitive to the slightest change in their environment. People who have such hyperacute sensitivity may easily become overwhelmed, confused, irritable or agitated by the sensory influx. All their senses are permanently hyperextended. These people are often in a caring role for others or may have experienced trauma. Moth supports self nurturing and compassion, in balance. It helps us to cope with the constant perception of frequency without overload.

Through the wing action of the moth, there is also support of the sternum.

Moths have a dynamic relationship with light. They are nocturnal creatures irresistibly drawn to light to which they fly with a mindless, almost blundering flight, like the way we travel through the mundane life of Samsara. Moth supports us in evaluating our response to situations and environments.


Finding our way back home

A channeled essence. In Celtic mythology the Selkie is both seal and human. By removing their seal skin they are able to live on land, yet they yearn for the seas. Selkie essence reminds us of our wild nature, our soul self. When we are trapped in the mundane, Selkie is a call to deepen our intuition and creativity, to richly embody each moment. It is a call to come back home, to return to our truest experience of self. This leads to greater patience with self and ultimately, to being able to choose ‘rightful action’. ‘Swimming’ with the tidal flows of life. It supports us to live in harmony and authenticity with self in both worlds; the spiritual and the material. Supporting the connection between head and heart.

Ring Tail Possum

Initiating rapid balanced movement

Ring tails run and leap from narrow branch to branch without hesitation. Sure footed with excellent balance, they have two thumbs on each front foot, enabling an excellent grip, assisted by their long tail. Ringtails also have very good night vision and sensitive hearing. This essence was made overnight in the presence of a number of ringtails possums. It supports us in making rapid shifts or transformations. It helps us know we can trust where our feet will land even though we may not consciously know where we’re going or how to get there. Ringtail possum can support us initiating rapid movement.

This essence was made by Lyn Mitchell