jacqui-transformational-bhTransformational Healing Sessions

Distant healing sessions with Jacqui are available for people, animals and spaces. 

Transformational Healing via skype or phone consist of a consultation with Jacqui, a distant healing session scheduled or in person over skype, with followup. 

With over 20 years of experience, Jacqui provides a space for deep transformational healing. With unconditional love and trust in the body's infinite intelligence, so much becomes possible. Each transformational healing session is unique; it may be in deep stillness, a journey of insight, a meditation, connecting with the ancient ones or sounding in languages of light. The emphasis is always on the embodiment of your experience, to realize your incredible potential, then living from this truth of being, in greater harmony with self, world and spirit. From a place of presence and abiding love, become aware of your connection with spirit, the earth and know there is no separation.

Schedule a session: Email me or call 0414 837 558

$110 for 1 1/4hr. Student/pensioner rate $90

Transformational Healing sessions available during the Goddess Spirit Rising Gathering, Simi Valley California, September 10-13, 2015. 30 mins $45, 60 mins $85 discount Conference rate.


'Jacqui always operates with the highest intention and integrity and always works from a base of unconditional love. I believe that is why her transformational work is so life changing. My opinion is also shared by others who find through Jacqui's work that their lives have changed for the better. I, personally feel that she has had a profound effect on my life in helping me to connect on a deeper level spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.'      
Sandy Lee

'Jacqui's work with mindfulness of presence, in all aspects of her healing, has had such profound effect on my personal growth and my own practice of mindfulness.  The most amazing gift that I believe Jacqui possesses is to fill a room with love while always maintaining her “space”.

Jacqui provides the space for transformation work to take place.  The words passionate, dedicated and heartfelt describe healing sessions with Jacqui.  As a healer, Jacqui also educates on a subtle level in order for me to learn how to help myself. I feel truly supported by Jacqui in all areas of my being and believe her to be an amazing ethical human being.  The world is a better place because she is in it.' Tania Sloan

‘I’ve never been to such a deep place’. Gabrielle de Knock

It seemed like Jacqui was everywhere; competently and gently leading and guiding, encouraging and secure support and walking side by side me in my journey. Such a beautiful soul is rarely found –let alone having the honour of being taught by her. So knowledgeable and experienced. Thank you Jacqui.’

 M. M. Student and client