Written by Jacqui Bushell.

Time To Ride The Tiger

The election in the USA with its emergent shadow underbelly has appalled me. It has catalysed me. Residual complacency has fallen from me faster than water off a duck’s back. No more saying, ‘just one more workshop and I’ll be good enough’, ‘ no, I’m not quite ready yet’, ‘ no, being visible and upfront isn’t really me’, ‘no, people will criticise me if I do that’. The Trumpet is a clarion call of ‘now is the time’, not in some future where we might get involved, but right now. It’s time for our love to be put into action. Never forget that we are the opposite swing of the pendulum. Those who voted for the Trumpet are not necessarily bad people, they too seek change. Vilifying anyone is useless, it pours more rage into the world, fueling even more fires of judgement and division.
How much love can I allow to flow through me? This is not the fluffy love, the wishy-washy ‘walk over me and I’ll be forever nice’ kind of love, it’s fierce loving. Think of Hindu and Tibetan goddesses, the ones who ride tigers and carry whirling swords and tridents, dancing Kali with her sharp teeth, knives, skulls and blood, the sky dancing dakinis. They do not signify bloodlust but the cutting through of all ignorance. They stand for fierce compassion and wild wisdom; the light and clarity of the sharp sword, the ability to say no, to say ‘this is what I stand for, no compromise’. Think of Joan of Arc trusting her voices and acting, Ghandi saying ‘you must leave’ to the British and instigating a national movement of nonviolence until they go.
kali image webThere are very few called to be Joan of Arcs in the world but millions of the rest of us who desire a peaceful, loving world and appreciate our amazingly beautiful planet. Great change need not be countrywide action. I’m asking myself throughout the day, just how present am I in this moment? Where’s my energy and focus, then pulling it back in, anchoring myself like never before. I’ve been pulled up short by the subtleties of my self limiting head talk and the ways I shrink back. Imagine the impact of millions of people changing something simple within their life. Never underestimate the effect of changing your perception and intention. What can you embody today, in this moment? The mental and emotional fields of our inner voices and feelings, whether self loathing, judgement, envy or gratitude, love and appreciation, all radiate outwards. We can have a huge impact when we consciously allow joy and appreciation to flow through us, inviting it to be of infinite benefit. You can be a radiant lighthouse walking down the street, going into supermarkets, into banks, anywhere. No training needed.
For a number of years I’ve been working with the strength within yielding and vulnerability. ‘That which yields is not always weak’, has been my mantra as I practice softening, learning to move as a river does. Something new has awakened in me in the past few days. I realise I have something in me that is implacable, that will never yield. It is a resolute strength. I have found my line in the sand that can never be crossed. It is a fierce point of balance within me that says this is what I stand for, this defines me and my actions. This is why I get up in the mornings, why I breathe deeply and face the world with curiosity and infinite faith. I received a guidance question five years ago and knew it for a life turning point. The question was, ‘are you prepared to touch the root of your being?’ A week later I blithely said yes, and my path has flowed into unimagined realms of love, beauty and deep shadow revelations. I had no idea what I was saying yes to, no idea what was at the root of my being. It’s showing itself now and I’m beginning to understand that it’s something unwavering, fierce and loving. My love will not be silenced. My fear of loss of love will not silence me.
Something powerful is being called for and awakening in us now. It is a wild call to put love into action. No more excuses. Now is the time to ride the tiger. To know, really know that ‘I am enough’ in this moment and I choose to act. No more playing small. As humans our focused intention has enormous energy. Step up into your power as a creator. Shine your light, you have no idea how bright you are! It’s time to live our choices, not just think about them. Change is as simple as altering the voices in your mind, changing the expectations of limits, of smallness. Facebook pages are filled with stories of miraculous happenings and people’s amazed responses.
Stop being surprised by miracles. Expect them.
Quiet friend who has come so far,
feel how your breathing makes more space around you.
Let this darkness be a bell tower
and you the bell.
In this uncontainable night,
be the mystery at the crossroads of your senses,
the meaning discovered there.