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The Magdalene tradition teaches us about divine union, recognizing ourselves and all of humanity as a bridge between heaven and earth.

Join us on this sacred pilgrimage to southern France.


Awakening the Divine Heart is a spiritual retreat. While we are visiting a number of sacred sites, there is also free time for your own private experience and personal attunements; to simply sit or explore and be enfolded in the energies of this land of Divine Feminine.  The itinerary may change slightly day to day as we prefer to be flexible and responsive to the unfolding group energies and process. Walking, singing, dancing this land  within this sacred circle of women is like journeying on a Grace-full path; joyful, loving and profoundly transformational. 


Wednesday May 31

Welcome!  Pick up at Toulouse airport at 1.00pm. 

Drive to the Hostellerie de l’Eveche, which will be your home for 9 of our 12 days together. The sacred waters of the River Aude flow alongside this lovely old Episcopal palace on 3 hectares of gardens. 

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Alet le Bains is situated within a natural ‘Venus Temple’, a five pointed star location energetically imprinted into the landscape between several mountains and villages.

Legendary home to Nostradamus, ‘Alet’ means chosen place, and has a long history of seekers of wisdom through the Mystery Schools, the Druids, Knights Templar and Magdalenes.

Delicious afternoon tea, and time to arrive, walk in the garden, and visit the Black Madonna at the nearby ancient church.

Welcome dinner, and a good night’s sleep.

           GORGE DE GALAMUS 

Thursday June 1


Breakfast at the hotel.

Our day’s journey begins with a meditation and centering on the narrow island in the centre of the beautiful Aude River. The isle, resting within the flow of the river, is a Druid ritual site, and a crossing of the energy lines of divine union.

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We journey to Puilaurens, a castle high in the Pyrenees mountains that was another refuge for the Cathar perfecti in the 1100’s. We have time to explore, meditate and connect with these people of peace, renowned for their kindness and spiritual healing skills.  


After a picnic lunch in the forest surrounding Puilaurens, we journey to Gorge de Galamus, a remote cave sanctuary towering over a deep, clefted valley, where it is believed that Magdalene taught.  The cave is now a simple chapel. Water collects near the altar and the space is filled with radiant presence. Toning sounds carry so beautifully here as we lift our voices.

Dinner at the hotel.



Friday June 2

We visit the beautiful town of Rennes le Bain, famous for it’s healing waters. 

This area has long been known as a sacred area, rich in prehistory, and settled by the Celts, Romans, Cathars and Knights Templar. 


The sacred flowing waters are a focal point for the spirits and star being energies that gather here.  Immerse yourself in the loving support offered by them, as you connect softly and deeply in their presence, and that of the group.

Throughout the day we will connect at several sites for reflection and meditation; the meeting confluence of the two rivers, where salt and fresh water merge, the Fountain des Amours and the 'dragon fly' stone.  Magdalene is said to have taught and blessed people here, in these waters. 


In the afternoon we stroll to the great prehistoric stone ‘chair’, the Seat of Isis, a place of wisdom and attunement. Similar to the waters at Chalice Well, two natural springs also flow here; one a ‘white’ water and the other ‘red’, rich in iron.

We shall share a picnic lunch by the flowing river.

Dinner back at the hotel. 






Saturday June 3

We drive out after breakfast and our morning gathering circle, to spend the day exploring Carcassonne, a beautiful medieval walled village, first settled over 5,500 years  ago.  Visit the Basilica and museum, and wander the quaint streets.

Lunch at a local café before returning to Alet. (not included in costs)

For the rest of the afternoon, visit the Black Madonna in the local church, wander though the Abbey and hotel grounds or swim in the river.

Dinner at the hotel.

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Sunday June 4













Drive to Montsegur, via the Val d’Amour church. ‘Our Lady of the Valley of Love’ was built around a spring which stills runs today, through the crypt of the church. 

Perched high on a mountain, the great Cathar stronghold, Montsegur, lay under siege for many months during 1243.  Over a hellish winter and famine, 200 Cathars eventually walked down the steep mountain paths, to be burned at the stake rather than renounce their faith.  The mountain and fortress carry the imprint today of the immense courage and faith of the Cathars, with their strong dedication to ‘Our Lady of Light’. 

There are many stories and mysteries about this ‘Grail Castle’ and the disappearance of a great treasure once housed here.   Some say it was the secret gospel of Jesus, ‘The Book of Love’.  The Cathars truly lived and taught that all could know Beloved, that all are equal in their Divinity.

The walk to Montsegur and reflection time within the fortress lead us deep into our heart.  What is it that you have faith in?  What is it that you truly embrace? 



Monday June 5

Drive to Nebias natural labyrinth.  There is a rich weaving of energy lines through this incredible natural formation of stones and lush green  forest.   Silent meditation walk through the formations, and a group toning in the Clot des Encantades forest glade. Picnic lunch before driving home via  Brenac church, another place on the pentagram of the Venus temple. It is known as an old Cathar meeting place. 

Lovely dinner out at a local restaurant.




Tuesday June 6

day-5Driving to the charming town of Limoux, we visit the old plaza on the way to Notre Dame de Marceille.  This special church is filled with symbology from the Knights Templar, though the site itself was revered long before their presence.  History tells us of a chapel being present here since the 1000s.  A Black Madonna is still found in the church, her presence palpable. 

At the small nearby water shrine, dedicated to Mary, we experience a water blessing ceremony for vision, healing and gratitude.

Picnic lunch in the beautiful forest near Rennes les Bain, before exploring and connecting with the huge rocks known as ‘Pierre Dressee’. 

Dinner at our hotel.


Wednesday June 7

The colourful traditional markets in the charming village of Esperaza have many handicrafts, clothes, organic produce, artisan breads, olives and cheese.  Collect natural spring water directly from the fountain in the square.

The village church is dedicated to Archangel Michael and is also thought to be another Celtic site.  Esperaza is the centre of another sacred geometry energy grid and was one of the pilgrimage routes to the Santiago de Compostela. It’s also one of the largest sites of dinosaur bones in Europe.

Lunch at a café in Esperaza or something delicious from the markets.

esperaza 2 pic-web Then, a short walk through the forest to La Roche Tremblant, an ancient natural sacred site known to the Knights Templar, where we connect with the energies of the rocks and what they may awaken within our being.

Return to Alet Hotel for dinner.


Thursday June 8

We drive to Rennes le Chateau to explore this spiritually renowned area, dedicated to the Magdalene energies.  There are many stories surrounding Rennes and it’s elusive ‘treasure’.  Occupied for several thousand years, it’s a pivotal point in the sacred geometry geometric 
pentacle landscape energies.  

We’ll discuss the history of Rennes, the rich symbols of the church, and then have time to connect and wander to Tour Magdala and the church which are both dedicated to Mary Magdalene, and then the museum.         

Morning tea at ‘Le Jardin de Marie’ café with its beautiful grounds and fountain (not included in costs), and a delicious picnic lunch. 

After lunch, we return to Alet for a rest afternoon and a beautiful group sound healing session.

Dinner at the hotel.











Friday June 9

After breakfast at the hotel we drive to Ornolac Ussat Les Bains to the great Lombrives caves. The limestone mountains are honeycombed with deep and beautiful caves that have long provided refuge, and deep connection with the earth energies, for many spiritual seekers over thousands of years. The Cathars in particular, revered and utilised them for initiations and teaching purposes. They also hid in them during the long years of persecution. These particular caves were known to the Cathars, who were often forced to teach in hiding within this rich subterranean system.  

Throughout the day we will be walking up to the Hermit, Cathedral and Bethlehem caves, each so different in their energies. Historically, Bethlehem was a key initiation cave for receiving the Consolamentum, a sacred process to experience direct knowing of Divine Source.

Picnic lunch in the beautiful landscape near the river.

Dinner back at the Hotel.

ussat caves


Saturday June 10

After breakfast and our group morning process, we cross the River of Colours, walking through the lovely landscape directly opposite Rennes Les Chateau to caves known for their healing energies and presence.  After a silent walk into the site, we can experience the energies and invitation of the ‘birthing cave’ and the ‘Magdalene’ Cave. The caves are a journey into the embrace of the earth, a deep holding and attuning of our being. Sound your voice and meditate here in the womb of the earth.

After a picnic lunch, we drive via Lavaldieu (the Valley of God) to the village of Bugarach, to connect with the extraordinary mountain here.  This sacred mountain is one of the key power places in the Venus landscape temple.  It has many mysteries and legends attached to it.

Dinner at the wonderful Les Troubadours restaurant at the medieval hilltop village Roquetaillade. (not included in costs).



Sunday June 11

Breakfast at the Hostellerie. 

Closing Ceremony by the sacred waters. Finish by 12.30pm.

Those that require it will be driven back to Toulouse or Limoux for connecting flights or train.

Farewell Beloveds!

For more information please call Jacqui +61 414 837 558 or Jane +61 409 367 582 email

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