Ignite your spirit! 

Fabulous sound healer, Jane Elworthy and myself will be facilitating workshops and healing sessions in New York, June 27. 

web-hands-anointing-istockSacred Anointing ~ the Heart of Blessing

Come and experience the profound blessing of a Divine Anointing, with sacred sound, meditation and deep heart connection.

Anointing is more than a blessing with oils and loving touch - you experience all beings as whole and divine and your touch becomes sacred. It transforms into an act of consecration, and you live as the radiant being that you truly are.

Join us for this beautiful and loving experience that includes light refreshments.

Date: Friday, June 27
Time: 7.00-9.30pm
Where: META Center, 214 West 29th Street, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10001  
Cost: $45
Bookings: through paypal (see below), phone for credit card.
Registration is essential as numbers are limited. 

For more information:
Jacqui Bushell
USA 347-217-3132
Jane Elworthy USA 347-218-0616

Sacred Anointing, New York META Center, Friday, June 27, 7-9.30pm, $45

'At every point on the path, choose love.'

What people have said:
'The most sacred and divine space I have ever experienced.' Sabrina Domenosky.

'My profoundest gratitude goes to you beautiful, amazing women and beings! What a profound space the Anointing was! I found myself being blessed by a thousand angels'. The room was buzzing with ancient lost sounds and rhythms.  Hearts expanding right open, sharing in a room full of Love. Simply divine! I am so very grateful. ' Peace and love, Melanie K.

'Thank you both for alloqing me to remember my true essence. My divine self is ignited! Jacqui and Jane, you hold a space of love and safety like being cradled in the arms of mother earth. You bring new meaning to the words “I See You”.  With my deepest gratitude.' Tania Sloan 

'Every cell in my body said 'Yes' when I saw the information on the Anointings. I entered the space feeling incredibly unworthy as I had been through some really challenging experiences. However the love, warmth and energy that I felt from being in the room was overwhelming. Jacqui and Jane held the space for us to honour each individual's divinity and birth right to love and that was beautiful! What was unique was there was no need to be in my 'head', they allowed us to sink into our bodies, with every sense heightened through touch, smell and sound. I bow my head in gratitude and thank you both for allowing me to remember my essence and that of my fellow participants.' Love Ang Boyle x




Jane Elworthy is a renowned Australian sound healer, musician, shamanic practitioner and teacher. Her deeply loving presence and magical weaving of voice, sound and rhythm with the ancient women's instrument of the frame drum is divinely healing. Jane's work is profound, awakening the sacred and radiant in us all. For more information.







 Jacqui Bushell is a true being of love and light, offering deep transformational healing through energy balancing and direct guidance from Spirit. Jacqui teaches awareness and trust in our body's deep wisdom and knowing, through meditation, chi exercises, journey work, connecting with nature and earth energies. Come home to your inspirational, divine nature in profound peace, sacred presence and love. 

 Jacqui and Jane bring together earth connection, sacred sound and divine awareness, so you can truly live an embodied mystical life. When we move into deep presence, we are in a state of harmonic resonance - connected to the earth and our true nature, in balance and harmony with all that Is. In these inspiring workshops, where the power of love abounds, come home to your true potential, to your creative divine spirit.

What people have said:
'Jacqui helped to facilitate incredible magic in my life. Incredible, absolutely divine! Thank you, thank you!'. Kerrie Keough

'It seemed like Jacqui was weverywhere; competently, gently guiding, encouraging me with secure support and walking side by side with me in my journey. Such a beautiufl soul is rarely found - let alone having the honour of being taught by her. So knowledgeable and experienced. Thank you'. Marie M.

'Jacqui operates with the highest intention and integrity, always working from a base of unconditional love. I believe that is why her transformational work is so life changing. She has had a profound effect on my life helping me to connect on a deeper level spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally'. Sandy Lee

'Passionate, dedicated and heartfelt describe healing sessions with Jacqui. She provides the space for transformation to take place. She edicates on a subtle level allowingme to help myself. I feel truly supported by Jacqui in all areas of my being and believe her to be an amazing ethical human being. The world is a better place because she is in it.' Tania Sloan.

'I've never been to such a deep place'. Gabrielle de Knock