April 2014 Newsletter

Written by Jacqui Bushell.

Like roots

Our hands imbibe like roots, so I place them on what is beautiful in this world. And I fold them in prayer, and they draw from the heavens, light.

St Francis of Assissi 

Come and experience the profound blessing of a Divine Anointing with sacred sound, meditation and deep heart connection. We are always enough, in all that we are, in all that we offer. Know yourself as truly one with Divine and All That Is. 

Friday April 11
Time: 6.30-9pm
Where: Waverton Community Hall, 75 Bay Road Waverton
Cost: $35 including light refreshments afterwards

'The most sacred and divine space I have ever experienced'. S Domenosky

'Thank you both for allowing me to remember my true essence'. T Sloan

'I found myself being blessed by a thousand angels.The room was buzzing with ancient lost sounds and rhythms, my heart expanded wide open. Simply divine!  Melanie K. 

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A 6 night outback journey in communion with land and soul.

Mutawintji and Broken Hill

September 29-October 5, 2014


The Way of the Magdalene
The Essence of Love

Newcastle: Sunday April 13
Sydney: Mosman Scout Hall, Saturday May 10

Numbers are limited.
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Creams, lotions and Potions

Making Natural Cosmetics
Workshops: Sunday April 27, or August 10
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Hello Beloveds,

Such an intense time at the moment with the Autumn Equinox a
couple of weeks ago, the Cardinal Grand Cross astrologically
tipping us into the furnace of change, change and more change,
and all highlighted by the total lunar eclipse on the 15th April.  

Shortly before this cycle began, a friend called saying that Pink
Flannel Flower was blooming once again in the Blue Mountains.
This time at Narrow Neck road, where it's never been seen before.  
Pink flannel only grows above 800m and only in four places in the
mountains, now five… only after a devastating bush fire has swept
through, leaving ash and black stumps. Come Spring, in these few
places, it covers the ground in heart pink softness, bringing relief
and bone deep easing from the devastation. I sat among it, a
flower I've only seen once before, after the 2002 fires, and cried at
its incredible beauty.  What the earth creates breaks my heart
constantly, with it's love, grace and abundance. Our environment
always provides what we need. We just need to step off the path,
into the wild… 

While surrounded by these beautiful, most rare of flowers, I made
an essence. Pink Flannel Flower moves me so deeply with what
it offers; it's incredible softness, seeming fragility and ability to
miraculously appear, feeding  hungry critters, soothing and
blessing the land, bringing in beauty. The most common response
I find to taking the essence is, 'You know, I suddenly feel like
everything is ok, really ok.' It supports the easing of anxiety, through
an embrace of the heart. Pink Flannel flower shows us how to lean
into an experience instead of withdrawing into resistance and holding
back. It is an invitation to know that you are deeply loved and loving. 


'Within the love of the heart's embrace, there is Grace'.

SACRED ANOINTING ~ The Heart of Blessing

Jane Elworthy and myself are facilitating another loving evening this Friday, April 11, 6.30-9pm at Waverton Community Hall. Numbers are limited so please register with us before hand. 

Jane 0409 367 582
Jacqui 0414 837 558 click here for more information 


A journey into the desert, to the sacred lands of Mutawintji and Broken Hill. An outback retreat for women. September 29- October 5, 6 nights communion with land and soul.

Jane and I thought after the incredible experiences of last year, that our journey with the land there was now complete, after all an amazing group of women gathered, sung the land and ourselves and Jane's 10 year dream had been fulfilled! A lot of women had been asking about another journey but we felt the land wasn't yet invoking another retreat. That shifted a month ago when we felt a blossoming within us and also a deeper sense of communion with Mutawintji to take women out there again. So, join Jane Elworthy, myself and the fabulous Claire Wren Dunn out in the big red, under those vast, clear skies to remember your wild soul nature; ancient gorges, river red gums, connecting with the spirit of the land and yourself, as One. 
Click here for more information 

The Essence of Love -The Way of the Magdalene

Living the Divine in Everyday Life
As the Divine Feminine re-emerges on earth, you are invited to remember the joyous way of love and oneness.
Mary Magdalene was a teacher, healer and mystic in the ancient Essene tradition. She taught how to become a bridge between heaven and earth, to live from the radiance of your true nature, as unconditional love in action.
Through meditations, sacred sound, stories of Magdalene and a profound anointing experience, know your own divinity and be deeply connected to All That Is.

With Jane Elworthy and myself

Newcastle: Sunday April, 13 10-4pm, $110
Sydney: Saturday May 10, 10-4pm, $140
More information

Creams, Lotions and Potions
Making Natural Skin Care

So much for my idea of 'I'll close down the business'. The difference between a 'sensible' head decision and following guidance… 6 fully booked Creams workshops later and after the fabulous organics distributor 'Little Earth' have asked me to be on their supplier list for my creams, medicinal products, essence range and cookbooks… My creams won't be ending! It seems they are expanding, deliciously, organically and abundantly!  All my combination essences will now be available at health food shops and some pharmacies. Ordering available through Little Earth (wait until my new labels are completed in the middle of May). 

I will now be exclusively using the beautiful, organic oils from Solaroma in my products. The flowers to make these oils are grown in the Aude valley, southern France in the heart of Cathar country, where Magdalene and the Essene communities lived and taught. This land is a true heart connection of mine. I love the purity of these oils, their vital force and presence.

Upcoming Workshops: Sunday April 27 - 1 place available
Sunday August 10
More information 

Love and Blessings to you all,
Walk in Grace



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