Essences and Animals

Written by Jacqui Bushell.

Bob was a horse who hated being floated. Unfortunately, being a high performance dressage boy he required frequent floating. It was a struggle to get him on with each time, taking anywhere up to an hour, leaving both him and his owner, exhausted and cranky with each other.  Desperate to try anything that might reduce their stress, his owner asked if essences could help. A bottle was made up for him which included a combination of some flower essences to help reduce his fears, bring in calm and help let go of old patterns. Bob was given the drops topically, rubbed into his forehead twice a day. (Most animals detest the taste of the brandy and water mix, so it is easier to apply them on bellies or heads.) Nothing appeared to happen for about four weeks. Then, after a month at a show, where he’d kicked up a huge fuss floating there, Bob was in a yard with some other horses and an empty float. While the float owner had gone to collect his horse, Bob casually wandered on, of his own accord and was not happy at being asked to vacate it! Since then he has been content and even keen to get on a float whenever asked.

I have often seen remarkable behavioural changes, in both animals and humans, with the assistance of flower and gem essences. Essences touch the core of our being enabling us to shift patterns of behaviour and balance emotional responses. As our feelings and thoughts are addressed then there can be a corresponding alleviation of our physical symptoms. Flower essences assist us in integrating experiences, whether a devastating trauma or moving house.  Working with essences we are connecting with the inherent balance and wisdom of nature. Essences work in a space beyond words. It doesn’t matter if the animal and I don’t understand each other in English. If I can observe their behaviours and know some of their history and am familiar with a range of essences, then I can safely prescribe for them.  Essences work in conjunction with any other treatment. They are natural, non toxic and side effect free.  

magpieThe use of flower essences has an ancient history. They have been used by many indigenous and ‘old European’ cultures. Essences are a vibrational remedy, containing no physical substance of the plant. They are generally created by placing a flower in a glass bowl of pure water under sunlight for several hours. The water takes on the pattern or personality of the flower. This water or ‘Mother Tincture’ is then diluted with further water and brandy to stabilise the pattern and prevent bacterial growth.

In the 1930’s in England, Dr. Edward Bach created what has become known as the Bach Flowers. Over many years of working with patients he realised that each person’s emotional outlook was different, which was possibly why different people with the same disease process didn’t respond to the same treatment. People react differently to the same stressors so therefore why treat them with the same prescription? In Wales he created a series of essences from wild flowers to gently cure or support emotional imbalances.

One of the most commonly used and available combinations of Bach Flowers is ‘Rescue Remedy’, an all purpose destresser, useful in any kind of emergency or shock. it is available from most Health food shops and naturopaths. (Like all essences, it is an adjunct to and not a replacement for Vetinary care)

Consider essences for animals in a range of situations, such as moving pets to a new house or a new owner, thunderstorm terror, aggression, grief, jealousy, resentment, before and after Vet visits, for any emotional difficulties, after a shock or trauma, food fetishes, overlicking or constant itching, or other anxiety based behaviours or low confidence.

The response time to essences varies considerably. I usually find rapid relief with acute complaints but it may take a month or so with entrenched issues. The humans in the house may require essences too. Animals, like kids are emotional sponges and they may be reacting to environmental stress.  The cause of the issues may not lie with the animal at all.

Essences are relevant for animals in so many different situations. They are simple to use and prescribe and the healing effect is rapid and profound.