mag med mosman 

Sydney, Sundays 2-4.30pm Oct 8, Nov 12, Dec 10

At Soul To Soul, Suite 4, 6-7 Gurrigal St, Mosman

The Magdalene Meditations in Sydney are a monthly series over 3 Sundays, unfolding the life story, parables, teachings and of the Magdalenes. Come and experience an embrace of love with the Magdalene energies through meditation journeys, stories, energy transmissions, sacred embodiment processes and joy within a circle of women.

The Divine Feminine is rising strongly, calling us into our power, authenticity and presence, to shine our light radiantly into the world. Deepen into the potent energies of the Magdalene, Isis, the Essenes and Cathars.  We will be exploring the aspects of the Sacred Bride and the hierosgamos, the mystery of Sophia and Magdalene as the Black Madonna, dark Goddess.

You are able to attend any of the Sundays or come to them all. They will follow a sequence of development and experiences, however it will be fine to attend any single Sunday in the series. For those of you who attended the Magdalene Meditation in May, this series will be drawing on different themes, stories and energies.

For those of you who missed the May gathering focusing on the Holy Grail, there will be a free webinar later this year.

For more information please contact Jacqui. 

The Embrace of the Eternal Heart
   Unveiling Mary Magdalene 

The eternal heart is the flame within all of us and the life force at the heart of the universe.

It is the loving light that illuminates everything, awakening those parts of your being that have been dormant or like Mary Magdalene, misrepresented or silenced. 

Come and connect more deeply to your own light, your radiant true presence through activations and transmissions of the Magdalene energies. The spiritual traditions of Mary Magdalene are part of a river of teachings flowing from the Isis mysteries, druids, Magdalene and Yeshua and their circle of initiates, through to the Cathars. Known as the ‘Way of Love’, this path continued underground over the centuries. It is emerging once more during our times as a wave of awareness of the sacred feminine, to honour the earth, our bodies and the divine within all life. It is a call to recognise and live the truth of your existence, your IAM. 

Cost $50 per afternoon. Bookings essential                 

Payment either through PayPal, see below or else direct deposit- please contact Jacqui here. or call 0414 837 558

PAYPAL / CC Sydney
$50 per Sunday
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Magdalene Meditation Series